Welcome to Current affairs page for Ekiti State — Land of Honour and Integrity.

The state was created in 01/10/1996 by General Sani Abacha. It is located in the South-West region of Nigeria, and there are 16 local governments with the state capital being Ado-Ekiti.

State Capital

The state capital is Ado-Ekiti.

State Slogan

The official state slogan is Land of Honour and Integrity.

Creation Date

The state was created on 01/10/1996.

State Creator

The state was created by General Sani Abacha.


The population is 3270798.

Land Area

It has a land area of 6352 square kilometres.

Number of Local Governments

There are 16 local governments here.

Geopolitical Zone

This state is situated in South-West geopolitical zone.

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